Semenax Ingredients and Side Effects

Your search for a good semen volume enhancer ends with Semenax, a powerful combination of ingredients that not only adds to the volume and health of semen, but also intensifies orgasmic pleasure for you to turn the entire experience into erotic and monumental!

Following the sexual encounters, there are few bits which you actually remember for long, certain things that leave a good or bad impression on your partner and specific moments you cherish lifetime.

Ingredients and side effects of Semenax Pills

Well, if we talk about men’s satisfaction in general, heavy ejaculation and high orgasmic pleasure really count.

But being a macho with heavy facial hair and brawny physique does not guarantee virility.

There are countless of men who desire to have a colorful sex life but tend to be too concerned about their performance and satisfaction by and large.

Besides, there are some who do not feel confident and eager enough to initiate lovemaking as they lack motivation, or say, suffer from poor sex drive.

All in all, such distressing concerns take a serious toll on your overall psychological health which further acts to worsen up your sexual life on a whole.

But thankfully, there is a fix to all these problems that are turning the most memorable moments of your life into ordeals you would never like to recall.

The fix we are referring to is Semenax, a natural sperm volume enhancer that addresses many other problems stealing the charm and allure from your sexual life.

It is important to note that the formula:

  • Provokes massive money shots.
  • Prolongs sexual timings to upgrade your performance level.
  • Hardens your ‘steel’.
  • Boosts sensitivity and arousal.
  • Incites extreme degree orgasms!


The organic ingredients that make Semenax are:

  1. Swedish flower pollen
  2. L-Arginine HCL
  3. L-Lysine
  4. Epimedium sagittatum
  5. L-Carnitine
  6. Catuaba bark
Semenax Pills Ingredients

1. Swedish flower pollen:

The agent holds great value for sexual dysfunction in males. To be more precise, it greatly aids in improving virility and poor sex drive that result in distancing you from your partner.

2. L-Arginine HCL:

There are certain studies that support its role in the engorgement of penile, but primarily, it is incorporated for its erection enhancing qualities in Semenax.

Basically, L-arginine turns into nitric oxide which then acts as a vasodilator- expanding blood vessels and enabling a healthy level of blood to enter.

This favors your erections as the penile retains more blood, and so you enjoy longer and ‘harder’ under the sheet. Lastly, the ingredient also supports the production of growth hormone that bears equal advantages for your sexual and general health.

3. LLysine:

L-lysine further works on the quality of erections but, its effects are not limited to that. It encompasses impressive volume enhancing properties which empower you to emit a full, heavy load of volume that is equally healthy and high in count.

4. Epimedium sagittatum:

Call it horny goat or epimedium sagittatum, the essential herb has a major impact on your sex drive, erections and overall sexual performance.

But that’s not all with the herb, some studies also suggest that it can support the growth of penile tissues, though, the claims cannot be considered definite until some major and quality research comes on board.

5. L-Carnitine:

This specific ingredient is highly valuable for men that are experiencing sex related problems owing to age. The adequate dosage of L-carnitine can greatly favor men with low sex drive and poor sperm motility.

6. Catuaba bark:

Catuaba can act as an aphrodisiac which is something, you and I cannot afford to miss. But besides that, it also addresses problems like erectile dysfunction (soft erections) and infertility.


Semenax comes with a set of do’s and don’ts and the rule to avoid complications is ‘do not ignore its rules’!

Yes, it’s simple.

In other sense or other case, Semenax is safe! And so the credit for its side effects friendly nature reasonably goes to its organic ingredients.


Men have benefitted and enjoyed the effects of semenax more often than not. It would be a sheer surprise or say, an exception if someone shows up to claim it has not helped him with his concerns in bed!

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So with a high quality like Semenax, safety and effectiveness are definite.